Disbursement Process

Eligible students will receive their refunds on or after the first day of each quarter provided that they:

  • Registered for a full–time credit load at least 1 week prior to the first class day
  • Registered for less than a full–time credit load and notified the Financial Aid Office at least 1 week prior to the first day of classes
  • Were awarded financial aid at least 1 week prior to the first class day
  • Met all Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements during their last quarter of attendance
  • Have selected a refund choice using their Personal Code on BankMobile Refund Selection

Delay in Refunds

Students who do not meet all of the above conditions may experience a delay in receiving their refunds. These students should contact the Financial Aid Office, FinancialAid.Central@seattlecolleges.edu, after they have completed their registration to inquire about when their refunds will be ready.

Your Key to Quick Refund Disbursement

The Seattle Colleges partnered with financial services company BankMobile® to provide students with a simple way to receive their financial aid and scholarships.

After you've applied for classes and registered your address with Seattle Central, you will shortly thereafter receive a Refund Selection Kit in a green envelope that contains your Personal Code. It is important to keep your home address current.

  1. Activate your account at BankMobile Refund Selection as soon as you receive your Personal Code Kit, even if you aren't expecting an immediate refund.
  2. Select Your Refund Preference:
    • Transfer to your personal bank account. Funds available in 2–3 business day.
    • A same–day deposit to your BankMobile Vibe Account, included with your Card. This account is FDIC–insured and has no monthly fee and no minimum balance.
    • A paper check. Funds available in 5–7 business days.
  3. Enjoy all the Benefits from your BankMoble Vibe Account checking account:
    • No minimum balance and no monthly fees
    • The quickest and easiest access to your disbursement funds
    • Free internet banking features
    • Make purchases anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted
    • Withdraw cash at over 55,000 fee–free Allpoint ATMs located on or around campus, with no fees

If you have questions about the disbursement process, learn more at BankMobile VIBE.

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