START new student Orientation

The START New Student Orientation is designed for students who are new to Seattle Central College as they enter their first quarter of enrollment.

START introduces students to many of the opportunities available at Seattle Central and trains them in the use of web-based registration for future quarters. It also introduces them to the advisors and counselors that will continue to work with them throughout their college experience at Seattle Central.

Note: Running Start, International Students, Non-credit ABE, ESL, and GED® students use a separate orientation and are not required to participate in START.

How to take the START orientation

START can be taken either online or in–person (sign up in room BE1104).

Benefits of in–person START

  • Students will get a broader and more in-depth overview.
  • College transfer students can meet directly with an advisor after the orientation is over and get assistance with first quarter planning.
  • Students will be able to register immediately for classes and not have to wait two business days for their PIN to be activated.

Benefits of online START

  • Can be taken immediately
  • Can be taken anywhere
  • The orientation can be paused and restarted as long as the session itself is not closed

Bypassing START

Students who have taken classes at North or South are eligible to bypass the START orientation.

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