Cashier's Office

General Fees

  • Drop – $6
  • Computer Lab Fee – $52.35 + $30.36 per additional class ($82.71 maximum)
  • Late registration fee (after 10th day of quarter) – $10.50 per credit
  • Online fee – $7 per credit
  • Online Hybrid / Web enhanced – $5.25 per course
  • Transcript (official copy) – $4.50 each official transcript ordered but $7.50 each effective summer quarter (June 26, 2016)
  • Fees for self–support, telecourses, or continuing education are listed in the quarterly class schedule.

Mandatory Fees

  • Universal Technology Fee – $3 per credit (max $54 per quarter)
    Exemptions: one–three credits, ABE/ESL (Below 090)/GED®, ungraded courses
  • Student Activity Fee – $24 per quarter
    Students enrolled in five or more credits of state–funded courses.
  • Transportation Management fee – $15 per quarter
    Students enrolled in 10 or more credits of state–funded courses.
  • Student Photo ID Card (one time charge) – $5

Special Tuition Rates

Contact the Registration Office for information regarding special tuition rates for:

  • Vocational students in excess of 18 credits
  • Vietnam Vets, Persian Gulf Vets, and Active Duty Military
  • Children and spouses of eligible veterans or national guard members that became totally disabled or determined to be a prisoner of war or missing in action or who lost their life while on active federal military or naval service.
  • High School Completion, GED® prep, and Adult Basic Education
  • Senior Citizen and State Employee tuition wavers
  • Children of disabled firefighters or policemen

For information regarding fees for Bus Passes and Parking Permits, please visit Transportation Services, or call 206.934.6932.

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